My Blind Buddy

This is  an inspiration that sparked my mind while listening to the wonderful talk of Ron McCallum given at TED  and that is titled: “How technology allowed me to read

In this charming, moving and humorous talk, Mr. McCallum shows how he is able to read — and celebrates the progression of clever tools and adaptive computer technologies that make it possible. With their help, and that of generous volunteers, Mr. McCallum become a lawyer, an academic, and, most of all, a voracious reader.

Whereas in a different corner of the world, another visually impaired person may be living a life that is  totally different. How good it would be if they could be Buddies to communicate and learn from one another. Just like the penpal friends that wrote letters to each other before new communication styles like internet started. 

Please check this wonderful TED Talk:

If you would ike to be involved in the establishment of a system that is described below, if you would like to contribute with your ideas, comments, with your experience in establishing such systems or  with financial means, please contact me.

…and who am I? Well, my name is Isil Musluer. I am doing foreign trade and you can have some information on my story by clicking on this link

Thank you. 

 * * *


This is a system for connecting visually impaired people with their peers in different corners of the world.

The aim is to open the way for visually impaired people from different backgrounds, different countries, different development levels and financial means  to  establish a close connection with one another.

The mission is to assist the visually impaired person to find a “Buddy” in a diffent country- preferably in a less developped country for the one from the developped one, or the vice versa.

This way, they can learn from each other, share and thus empower one another. 

By connecting with a person that has a similar disability, the visually impaired persons may  realise that a different way of living,  different life conditions and possibilities exist in different corners of the world and  they can contribute to one another.

This may assist them to discover a new meaning of life by experiencing the pleasure of  contributing positively to another person’s life.

…. and, finally,  these two Buddies may end up being life-long friends after all ! 

….another good point!  This system can be replicated for people with other disabilities! So it is a nice way to contribute to changing the world for the better!

* * *



5 thoughts on “My Blind Buddy

  1. Hey Isil, I’m working on a very similar project and I bet we can have an interesting discussion about. My idea is to work on a platform to collect disabled needs, build a community of people moved by their passion on what to do daily in their own field and applying it to projects needs. One important point of this is to connect knowledge from where there is profusion to where there’s shortage, and in this I see the similarity to your idea. I’m currently evaluating the feasibility of the idea, proposing it to some people that are more skilled in this. I’ll be delighted if you can have a 5-minutes look to the project website ( and let me know what do you think. Regards, Stefano.

    • Hi Stefano, I thank you very much for your message (I apologize for the delay in my reply by the way. I was very occupied with some other things.)

      Your idea is fantastic – I liked it very much. I will study in detail and give you my comments. I think you would also inspire and maybe assist me in forming a structure for my idea as well.I will be very happy to take into account your recommendations.

      Have a nice day 🙂

      • Hi Isil, feel free to comment, I just finished some days ago the English version of almost all the content of my website that explains my project [].
        and I will be glad to assist you on your idea as well!
        Keep in touch.

  2. hello
    I saw your link at Mccallum’s ted talk. The talk was truly amazing and so is your effort for doing something for blinds. I am an educator from Asia and I always looked for avenues where I could contribute something for the betterment of blind people. I looked around in Thailand and unfortunately couldn’t find anything substantial. I have recently moved to Malaysia for work and I am still very interested in doing something for blinds….this blindbuddy sounds good or may be we come up with a community that will support this technological advancement for blinds…I am in if there are more idea.

    • Hi Nikki,

      I am so happy to receive your comments and to learn that you like my idea. I also think that it would be fantastic to form such a thing. I am not yet clear on what path I should follow or what structure I should form. I just mentioned to some blind friends who are quite active in participating social life and they loved the idea. With their help, I might come up with something. Please do keep informed if you have an idea and I will also note that you want to be in this project. Thank you for your interest.

      In the meantime, I wish you all the best 🙂


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